Sunday, March 13, 2011

Visitors new vs old

   I think back to the time of a teenager in my scouts uniform waiting for Marc Singer (Beastmaster Love it) to ride on his horse and fire his energy gun in the sky at the visitor shuttle hope to save the world from oppression.
   Now I watch the abercrombie clones trying to fill the shoes of the SS like visitors of old. Don't get me wrong the show is not bad it is not meant to be a slam against the OK story line.
  I just wish they could have kept the feeling of a real every man Resistance. Like in the original series the story had grifter, gardener, waitress, and elderly saving the world.
    Now you have a Merc, FBI, Priest ( War Vet), Alien Hunter, and Princess.
 I loved the original because the old man next door could kick alien butt.  Hope I am not the only one.

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