Sunday, March 13, 2011

C2E2 and Geek Grease

    I am going to C2E2 for the first time. My close friend told me about it. I am not much into autographs, but I miss spending time with friends. I hope to have plenty of info to post from this trip. I worked OT to cover the trip.
  I am a t-shirt lover so I plan to buy a few. I hope to find a new firefly shirt. I can't wait to run through the vendor hall and pick up odds and ends. 

   Every thing I have seen on the net shows C2E2 to be a lesser con then Chicago Comic con in August.  But lesser cons have smaller crowds most times, so that is a plus especially when you have to smell geek grease or nerd stink.
 Gen Con has the the biggest geek grease you have smelled. It is understandable some people drive many hours in a car stuff full of as many like minded people as can fit. Then they crowd into the halls and play games late into the night. Afterwards they sleep on floors in hotel rooms to save money. They wake up later then expected, with 4-5 guys trying to trying to hit the showers in time to make the hall it never works. Also how muck clothes can u pack in an Escort full of Gamer?  Dice and books or deoderant and clothes??? 
  I speak from knowledge I drove the escort. We had 6 people in it and one guy smelled before got into the car for the three hour plus trip. All of us slept in one room (I got the bed, Ha ha luck of the gods). I at least bathed but even I got ripe. So beware the creeping death and and remember no matter how long ago it was, you most likely were down on your luck without much money and did what u had to to get to the Con!!!!

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  1. Something seems oddly familiar about that GenCon story...