Friday, March 25, 2011

Death Company Comeith

    My first 40k army was a Blood Angel army. I played it for years, but I have left it on the shelf for at least 10 years. Partly because the fiend started playing them and I didn't want to spam the other players, as it was and is a small group. It gets boring rotating through the same old fluff.  I personally have 7+ armies for that reason.
  But, I feel I should give love back to the first men I ever fielded as I have been heavy on imperial fliers and tanks. Please don't get me started on my nurgle army (Forgeworld , etc.) they were a hugh distractor. Khorne fell somewhere in there too. I need to focus.
  So I got to thinking and got on v-day from the girlfriend a new dreadnought and a stormraven (still in the box, ugh) I also got a  death company box set from the fiend as b-day gift. I picked up 2 boxes of sanguinary guard ( one squad is 90% done). I also got Seth( I think he will rock cheap and tough),  Sanguinator ( think he will be point sink but apoc games hum), and Dante ( sang guard as troops hence the 2 units). This should update the army well.
  I plan on adding a few Death company to the 5 metal ones, a thunder hammer and few others to bump up the squad to eight and of course my old terminator chaplain( might need to update the model but it is the first hq I bought). The dread is going blood talons as I have one with two blood fists.
  But again as  nerdy as I am, I am going to Adepticon  and Forgeworld is going to be there and (ha) I worked alot of  overtime I might buy a blight drone or some other new hotness.
   Sometimes I think drugs would be cheaper, but I remember the glue stuck to my fingers it gives me enough of a head ach, not to mention the fumes when using excelorator.