Monday, March 14, 2011

He who is without a name

 I have had a Titan for awhile.  I enjoyed painting the Titan and asembly was easy as it is a Armourcast verision. I have not yet to name him as he has not earned a name in battle. It is not that he dosen't fight well, it is that he has not had a worthy opponent.  This is by no fault of my opponents it is because the Titan is hard to handle and my group of friends do not have many larger models.
  So I have held using him unless the group shows no concern as to having to face him. I admit I would have concerns to face him myself. But I have faced many in battle and won and lost with pride. But a titan without a name is like a gladiator with out an arena. Looks good to have but is worthless in reality. He needs to show worth or be cast down to the halls of Evil-bay. 

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  1. Something simple like Jake, Henry or Engelbert Humperdink...