Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C2E2: Darleks and Dames

I went to the con for a day and that was enough.  The vendor show was small but had quality products. I had fun, but it was not a three day event. I went with my friends but we split up as soon as we got there. So much for quality time with friends. As we age we tend to go our separate ways to meet our own needs. Mine was to hang with friends as I am not a hugh comic book geek. I at least got to eat lunch with one of my friends the fiend (cant find a better nick name, still).
   The costumes from the cosplayers were cool. I have added a few pics. The fiend loved the  Harly pic.
    I liked Miss Marvel more (yes it is a lighting bolt, not a S.)  The pic did not do justice.
   The dalek was an ironside from the WWII Dr Who Episode.  That was a great suprise as I love the who. I lost a pic of the David Tennant look alike ( Damn the Master's time vortex image distorter).
  Where else can you get costumed women and Killer Robots.


  1. Totally bringing the good camera to Wizard Con.

  2. We didn't mean to lose you guys. I remember we were all at the first t-shirt booth, Dana and I turned our backs for one minute and you guys were gone. Which may have very well been the same thing that happened for you regarding us. It happens at almost every con we have gone to. Still had a great time. Still working on Dana to let me go to Adepticon.