Friday, May 6, 2011


   I went and watched Thor today with small hopes of entertainment. As I sat down in the seat wishing I was watching the Captain America Movie and praying I did not fall asleep ( I did work midnight), I was mildly surprised and entertained.
   The acting was OK,  Portman was a little flat. Shield seemed more like the Men in Black then what I would have liked. It had tons of effects. The story just did not draw me in or make me care. Thor's transformation from a god to a humble man didn't even get a montage, so it was a day or two then he evolves (but helped movies pace). Loki was good but not evil enough to make you feel like hes was a true mastermind. And don 't even get me started about the twirling hammer rock chucking or lack of action destroyer fight scenes (I thought it could have been longer).

   My 5 year old daughter loved it she sat through the two hours and wanted more. So there is an audience and I can't tell you I hated it but I didn't love it. If you don't like Thor this movie will not change your mind. you can easily skip it and would not loose anything seeing the avengers.

PS Hawkeye was in it but only aims his bow and says a few words. My girlfriend had to ask if i was even him. I say "cheap bad cameo."

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  1. Dose Thor look the same as his cameo in "Adventures in Babysitting"