Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stargate Universe Ending

 So Stargate universe is coming to an end. I have watched the series from the being and have only kept with it as I have seen the first two series. I want to say that it was along time coming the show only had a few good episodes a season. The first season was a stinker and I as most people hoped it got better. But it didn't, with the stones in the story only there to try to make you care more about the people and falling flat.
  I hate to see any sci fi show to end but this only was overdue for a cut. I hope that this leads way to a new show. Maybe Alpha will pan out but I doubt it.
  So so long to the voyage of the Destiny and here is to the hope the last episode kills half the cast so there won't be TV movies.


  1. So I saw the finale and all I can say is WTF!!! As far as finales go in the Stargate genre it was the worst. I come on let's criopack the crew of Destiny for freshness and then leave Eli's fate up in the air, blah!!! I mean come on what is with this whole introspective crap at the end, really. Eli was by far my favorite character of the whole series. Why you may ask? Simply for this reason, he was the most real and believeable of the whole crew. I mean hell he was a normal geek with a gut. He wasn't extraordinary in the looks department and well average for the exception of his budding genius. His reactions to things were quite normal and what I would expect if any one of us were put in his situation. So anywho, now that it is over one has to ask if they are going to waste our time with a movie to tie together all loose ends. This would be a waste, because nobody really cares. Make a movie about Stargate Atlantis... now that was a great show... how disappointing that they give us Universe instead of more seasons of Atlantis. But I digres. If they make a movie to finalize the show I will admit I am curious enough to watch it, but not buy it.
    So peace out,
    The Shadow

  2. Seriously you two haven't got a clue. SGU was by far the better written, produced and acted of the entire Star Gate franchise. A mature production for a like wise audience.
    I only wish it wasn't named under the Star Gate title - it may have attracted it's target viewer.