Tuesday, July 19, 2011

40K Chaos Legions Coming in 2012?

   So the new buzz on the web is that the Chaos Legions will be released March 2012. I hope this will clear the way for  me to have a more playable Tzeench army. I also have a Khorne and a great nurgle army. So I wanted to post a small wish list on each army.
  •  TZEENCH: More spells per Sorcerers (two for Aspiring Champions and 3 for Lords) and not to make casting roll.  I would also like to see a new spell or two.
  • KHORNE: Not sure they are cheap and Killy. I guess a cooler daemon weapon and some new unnamed hotness
  • NURGLE: Please let the Bikers and Terminators have feels no pain.
 As a whole the Codex needs dreadclaws to match the deep striking armies already out. Plus I hope for the return for the free upgrade to aspiring if squads reach the unholy number of thier gods.
 What would you like to see?

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