Saturday, July 2, 2011

Origins 2011: Less Geek Grease and Nicer People

 So, I went Origins for one day (Saturday). I payed $5.00 to get  the general watcher admission. This allowed me to walk around and buy stuff. The Vendor hall was about half the size of Gen Con. There are good things about a small con; Less geek grease, more demo spaces, and less people slamming into you. Bad things about smaller cons: less cool costumes, less vendors, less demo games.
  I got a chance to watch the Origins 40k Tournament. Most of the guys seemed to be sportsman, but I did hear of at least one person quitting early in the tournament because of having a losing streak. The models in the games were not all painted and few eye popping conversion if any. I did love the fact that Necrons were shown some love. I did not stay  to see who won. I might try to compete next year. I recommend people entering if they go, it not adepticon so newer players won't be intimidated.
  As for the shopping, the fiend got two good condition AD&D 2nd ed books (Master & Players book) for like 18 bucks. He also got shirts that I wouldn't wear in public ( M&M S&M shirt, and others). I only bought two things a foam chain sword ( Great looking people love it at the 40K area.) and an inflatable  20 sided die for Hut Tub role playing(still working out some kinks). 
 I still plan on hitting Gen Con.
   So Go to origins at least once it is fun.

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