Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fist Fight at The Wafflehouse

I think this reminds me of my brother.

Movie Review: Scream 4

     I am watching Scream 4 and thought, why don't I blog a review at the same time. Well they have  the remaining  cast returning with Dewey as the sheriff and still a bad shot with a pistol. Gale Weathers is still a bitch.
     So far the beginning sucked because they try to be to be cool with it. But it fell flat with only one cool twist. The murder scenes needed a little more power and scare. Sidney so far kick boxes the bad guy in the first match.  The infusion of the younger cast fell flat. The underage drunk party was called Stab- A-Thon. Right now I am guessing Multiple killers.  Well as I guessed cops on guard gets it the worst. Note to watchers being "gay" does not help as a reason not to be killed.  The movie played out like you would think. Ok rental

So you can remember the plot of the series.

So this is how scream one should have ended.

   What do think? Should I stop reviewing rental?

Rap Battle: Columbus vs Kirk

  So, I want to see who you vote for. I am going for Kirk.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Necron Leaked Pics

So, I hunted down these picks on Beast of War. What looks Good?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are Necrons Phasing Back In??????

 So, the rumor mill states a Halloween release. But I heard that in 09 and 2010.  I know that this time people think the new codex will be overpowering. I think that at first it will be tough and then people will learn to beat it. I hope the tomb stalker will be plastic. I also hope for plastic Wraith(love them in game). I hope they get rending(hope of hopes). The cryptex sound interesting. The only thing I am scared of is if the Night bringer is weakened. He was the only cool looking model in the range. Plus, he kicked ass in the game. Sure he costs a boat load, but he could gut the enemy.  What are you looking forward to?