Sunday, June 26, 2011

Snorks are Nazis??????

Thanks Dan for bringing me this gem to post. Enjoy Guys

McPussen the bringer of rot.

So I started to follow a new site: He
asked his followers to post a pic of our favorate model. So McPussen came to mind. Let me know what you think and if you could handle more 40k blog goodness check out warflake.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Real Smurfette

You all were thinking she partied. I wondered if he spiked her smurf berries.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Malifaux: Green Stuff Bases

 So my friend from Tennessee is going to Gen Con he is huge into Malifaux. So I need to get a move on my crew. I just got done finishing green stuffing my 6 bases. I tried for a cobblestone look. I hope to let it dry and then glue the models on and start painting.
  I do not plan on winning by any means, but I know I will have fun. I will post pic when I get them done. Lets see if I can make the deadline.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Forgeworld: Dark Eldar Reaper

So Dark Eldar has gotten some love from Forgeworld. The stats on the gun are a little over powered. It has two modes of fire a 5 inch blast (for Troops) and a concentrated beam. The blast gets the haywire rule: after damage roll a d6 2-5 glancing, 6 pen this is extra. Beam gets the kill shock rule: d3 Haywire rolls and instant death to models with toughness. It runs under 150 points and I think 2 could kill any Baneblane around. What do you think?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sisters of Battle: Coming Soon

  Well it hit the web, the sisters are coming to a White Dwarf near you. Lets hope it is not as bad as the Blood Angels codex that I had to live with for years. I don't play sisters, but I might have started a small force to add to my collection.
  Two parts means fluff in the first magazine and list in the second.  I hope and pray they will release plastics.  I wish for plastic priests and lots of them.  But think fine cast is in order so they don't have to make new models.
  The bright side is the sisters are at least having some sort of update. This gives the Shadow a playable force to be crushed by nurgle or necron (if they would ever update).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gaming Fluff

 I play games with rich backgrounds. I thought if the fluff was bad then I would not enjoy the game. But then I got Malifaux and did not even buy the fluffy book. I decided to get the rules only book. I hope to get into the game before reading the fluff as to not fall in love with story and live with the game play. But to hold the game first and then get to know the story. It is not because I am afraid of the fluff. I bought my first crew on looks alone. I love 40k fluff and read tons of novels. Then I buy stuff to match groups in the books and get my but kicked because of the fiend and others playing the new hotness of the web min max crud. I then fall into the trap of building a competitive army losing the fluff I liked.
  I built a  31 man zombie unit for my nurgle army because of fluff, it took forever to build and paint. I wanted the army to have personality but they end up holding objectives so i have a Chance of winning. I would love to have them roaming around eating flesh.
 So this time get the crew and upgrade to whatever looks cool with good rules.
 Is fighting with fluff gone to the wind???

Monday, June 6, 2011

Malifaux: First Crew

 So I picked my first Crew. The Von Schill called out to me. It looked like a good starter army, looked easy to paint, styled like swat.
  I bought the mini rule book and am 30 pages into it. I plan on painting them up and looking for a henchman (wyrd sponsored Gamer) to teach me the ropes.
  If all goes well I will get at least two more crews so I can have friends play at will. I am not sure what else to get so I am open for ideas. The Shadow might play Ortega (Awesome gunslingers. I might hit up a guild group like witch hunters.

  I think this might be the filler needed to cover my gap of 40k games.
 I plan on going soul stone hunting soon.