Monday, June 6, 2011

Malifaux: First Crew

 So I picked my first Crew. The Von Schill called out to me. It looked like a good starter army, looked easy to paint, styled like swat.
  I bought the mini rule book and am 30 pages into it. I plan on painting them up and looking for a henchman (wyrd sponsored Gamer) to teach me the ropes.
  If all goes well I will get at least two more crews so I can have friends play at will. I am not sure what else to get so I am open for ideas. The Shadow might play Ortega (Awesome gunslingers. I might hit up a guild group like witch hunters.

  I think this might be the filler needed to cover my gap of 40k games.
 I plan on going soul stone hunting soon. 

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