Saturday, April 30, 2011


 So I watched Skyline on Blue-ray. Boy I am happy I didn't go to the movies for that one. The acting was good but the story lacked to say the least. The effects were good, but the idea of an incursion with little resistance on the planet is a little played out.
  I think every time I was suppose to be surprised by something I was two to three seconds ahead, thinking why could they not speed this up. How long can you watch them huddle in the penthouse trying not to look at what was going on outside. Hide in a basement at least a place with less windows (come on a sheet over the windows, not to hard.) I also find it hard to care about self indulgent rich people in trouble .
  The whole battery brain thing was funny and different . I also like that human weapons did some damage(missile launchers are good during any invasion) , even if the aliens could do a stupid rebuild(Necrons are an exception, only thing that makes them playable/winnable).

  All in all I feel it was only OK and rent it if you have seen all the new releases and need a b-movie. I would rather watch Tim Thomerson  in another trancers movie (OK who wouldn't)
  Let Me know what you think, am I being to hard? Remember if you like it defend it.   

Reaper Barrel Work

 The Plague Reaper is coming along well The picture does not do it justice. I used half the tooth brush for the barrel. the green stuff work is still not the quality I would like, But I am learning with every pus sac.
  I think I am going to use vats that are rectangular to cover more of the side armour. I am going to dry fit before I make that choice.
 I used the guitar wire in four strands on the barrel, any more on the barrel would look to busy.

 Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pre Nurgle Baneblade

 The model came in the mail. I am going to have to do a lot of prep work filing off all the imperial details. I was hoping to start this weekend. I plan to work on the turret first. I think I have all the supplies on hand. This thing is big. I can not wait to field it with my Nurgle apoc list.
   Remember decay is nature and nature always wins. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Battle Report: Nurgle Vs Blood angels (1700pt. Typhus Sucks)

 Last night I got a game in with my Nurgle army against the fiend. We played a 1700 point game ( he was at 1820, he mistakenly added a rifleman Dreadnought). There was three objectives, one in each deployment zones and one table center. The game was fun even with the hadicap. I only had two troop choices.
 Fiend had the regular razorspam assault squad combo melta guns galore. He did use a forge world assault Drop pod and a regular drop with 6 man assault, Libby (Blood Lance shield on Sang.) and Chaplain. He also tried out two Rifleman Dreads, but they did not earn there points as they shot at my Rhino ( Possessed)who had popped smoke  and my Plague hulk (13 armor, Possessed).  
 He had stole the first turn from me so my plans went to hell. He drop podded the libby squad behind my land raider blew it (turn one sucked for me or so he thought, because  he blew it up he blocked his vehicle from my objective, I caught it right away, he did around turn 4).
 I did get some revenge because he dropped into the hornets nest. He casted shield (5+ inv in shooting) . As I had to unload my Landraider holding Typhus and 7 plague marines power weapon and two plasma guns, I separated Typhus from the squad and fired the squad hoping to lower his numbers. Next Typhus used wind of chaos. If that was not enough my nurgle bike squad(point sink, sux, but I love them, PS They almost never finish the game.) fired into the squad. The libby took a wound  leaving him alive with Chaplin and maybe two others. They fell in close combat.
 Turn two he dropped a a furioso (Forge world drop pod). He proceeded to eat my bikers alive. then shot the hell out of my blight drone (it did take a scout squad except a missile scout in turn one.).
 In turn Three I got lucky and was able to get my obliterator out and with Typhus's icon dropped right in place to back shoot the dreadnought(Boom goes the dynamite!!!).
  The rest of the game we covered our home objectives and I try ed to leave my second troop choice on the center as I had killed all but one of his troop choices. I was able to have the lone surviving Sargent stay on the objective but a razorback contested it. I would not have lasted in turn seven if we had one but he could not have gotten any thing to my objective in time to contest it.
    Lesson learned don't put plasma guns in and assaulting land raider(Duh, Not sure why I did it). Try to cut in more troops. Drop pods are easier to kill then I thought (opened topped). Bikers are better in bigger squads (Knew that already, First time with 6 and plan on the unholy number of 7).
  As always Typhus suxs

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will The Visitors Return??

 So "V" is on the bubble and may not return. When I watched the first couple episodes, I would have agreed the show was a little to much on the superficial side. But the last half of the season was getting better and the last show was a game changer.
  I loved the fact that the son got eaten. This gives it the chance to evolve into a darker gritty show. I have a feeling if the show continued it would become something more akin to the show most of us want.
  Marc Singer made a guest appearance in the last show. So I might still get a chance to see him riding on a horse, shooting at a space ship over head. I think V should be given another season what do you think?

Plague Reaper Prep

still not Mine
    I went shopping this weekend and picked up some stuff for the Reaper of Vade. I bought a "plastic " cutting wheel for my dremmel (Easy Lock Bits). I got some wood putty( Three Buck for 8 ounces), I will try to fill in the major gaps  to save on green stuff. The thing I am most proud of is the Barrel. I got a Tooth brush container. That's right I got a travel container and am using half as the new barrel. My girl friend was looking at me like I was crazy, until I demo it on my my first Baneblade. Well, OK,  she still looked at me like I am crazy, but she at least understood my plans. Now I am just waiting for the tank in the mail.


  I have been looking at going to Origins for the first time, it looks like it would be about a 4+ hour drive. This is in the possible planning process. I would love to troll through the vendors hall.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plague Reaper Culling the Pure.

not mine only to show a reaper
 As I trolled through Evil Bay I found a baneblade on sale for $60. As I ready have a baneblade, I thought a plague reaper was in order. I have gotten mildly better at green stuff so it is time to go to the big leagues and get dug in. The stats for the reaper is not the best, cost is 450 points. You lose the auto cannon and main battle cannon. In exchange you get the pus cannon str7 ap 3 ( power armor killer) hellstorm template. Part of the reason I am building it is so I can try to out the huge flamer template. This will also get me a at least one super heavy for my all nurgle army. I try to get one apoc game in a year and the next one looks to be a nurgle infestation of an imperial world. The diseased will include no less then two blight drones, a plague hulk, two daemon princes, land raider, and the vile plague reaper. So let the pus fly.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nuirgle Blight Drone( Flying Shrimp)

   At Adepticon I got a second Blight Drone for the puss filled nurgle filth that rot my game table. The first drone has seen a good amount of battle. It has faired well, working like a  light cannon fast skimmer. The reaper auto cannon is good due to the twin linked re rolls it is needed as the bs 2 hitting on fives sucks. I average 1 hit so I can't complain to much. The reason for the second one is to get more time on the board as people shoot the heaven out of the one. So I drop the obliterators add the second drone(looks cooler) to give the chance of a fast hitting shock I so desperately need. This should make the fiends razor spam more reactive. I also think it will help against Mr. Mom's Space Wolfs.
   If you have any ideas please post.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gift from Doomseeker

   Doomseeker has given me three painted Jacks for my Khador Strike group. So now I have a caster, manhunter, and 5 jacks and do not have any idea how to play. So I am borrowing a book to read up and plan on at least getting a dog and widowmakers. I might up grade the caster down the road, but I am still a 40k snob.
   This means I am only going to spend a little money to complete the strike group. Wish me luck in this new gaming arena

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Warmachine Gaming

So at Adepticon I got a free Khador starter. Since Doomseeker loves this game, I am going to bite the built and paint the machines up. I always have had a soft spot for Khador. So let there be rock um sock um death

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Return From Adepticon

I hope to post some pics next week as I have alot of work to do this week. But that aside, I wanted to say it was sweet. I got a bunch of stuff. I got a forge world blight drone (2 now) and a new magnetized Leman Russ. The bits sales were crazy it is a trip to plan for next year.