Monday, April 18, 2011

Battle Report: Nurgle Vs Blood angels (1700pt. Typhus Sucks)

 Last night I got a game in with my Nurgle army against the fiend. We played a 1700 point game ( he was at 1820, he mistakenly added a rifleman Dreadnought). There was three objectives, one in each deployment zones and one table center. The game was fun even with the hadicap. I only had two troop choices.
 Fiend had the regular razorspam assault squad combo melta guns galore. He did use a forge world assault Drop pod and a regular drop with 6 man assault, Libby (Blood Lance shield on Sang.) and Chaplain. He also tried out two Rifleman Dreads, but they did not earn there points as they shot at my Rhino ( Possessed)who had popped smoke  and my Plague hulk (13 armor, Possessed).  
 He had stole the first turn from me so my plans went to hell. He drop podded the libby squad behind my land raider blew it (turn one sucked for me or so he thought, because  he blew it up he blocked his vehicle from my objective, I caught it right away, he did around turn 4).
 I did get some revenge because he dropped into the hornets nest. He casted shield (5+ inv in shooting) . As I had to unload my Landraider holding Typhus and 7 plague marines power weapon and two plasma guns, I separated Typhus from the squad and fired the squad hoping to lower his numbers. Next Typhus used wind of chaos. If that was not enough my nurgle bike squad(point sink, sux, but I love them, PS They almost never finish the game.) fired into the squad. The libby took a wound  leaving him alive with Chaplin and maybe two others. They fell in close combat.
 Turn two he dropped a a furioso (Forge world drop pod). He proceeded to eat my bikers alive. then shot the hell out of my blight drone (it did take a scout squad except a missile scout in turn one.).
 In turn Three I got lucky and was able to get my obliterator out and with Typhus's icon dropped right in place to back shoot the dreadnought(Boom goes the dynamite!!!).
  The rest of the game we covered our home objectives and I try ed to leave my second troop choice on the center as I had killed all but one of his troop choices. I was able to have the lone surviving Sargent stay on the objective but a razorback contested it. I would not have lasted in turn seven if we had one but he could not have gotten any thing to my objective in time to contest it.
    Lesson learned don't put plasma guns in and assaulting land raider(Duh, Not sure why I did it). Try to cut in more troops. Drop pods are easier to kill then I thought (opened topped). Bikers are better in bigger squads (Knew that already, First time with 6 and plan on the unholy number of 7).
  As always Typhus suxs

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