Saturday, April 16, 2011

Will The Visitors Return??

 So "V" is on the bubble and may not return. When I watched the first couple episodes, I would have agreed the show was a little to much on the superficial side. But the last half of the season was getting better and the last show was a game changer.
  I loved the fact that the son got eaten. This gives it the chance to evolve into a darker gritty show. I have a feeling if the show continued it would become something more akin to the show most of us want.
  Marc Singer made a guest appearance in the last show. So I might still get a chance to see him riding on a horse, shooting at a space ship over head. I think V should be given another season what do you think?


  1. I hope for their sake they renew it. There's no telling what my wife might do this time.

    I've said too much.

  2. From the looks of things the show is dead. Every web site that I have looked into on the subject all say that the show is deaad,not even a voodoo withchdoctor could save it. Though there is nothing official as of yet I feel this show is going to go the way of Firefly. This is a shame because i feel the show was finally beginning to bloom. This show certainly had a rough start and there are certainly pieces that don't fit when compared to the giant that it is emmulating. There have been a few remakes over the last decade and I have to say that this one as the other was falling short until the last part of the season. Unlike Battlestar Galactica which started well and ended badly. I had high hopes for V once the second half of the last season took off. But of course like other shows that start bad (like Knight Rider) and just start to get their act together the network chops it. Seems like the netorks have no clue what their viewers are interested in anymore. The inly good remake to date is Hawaii 5O and if you don't like it I will pray for you. So in closing V most likely dead and we shall lament its lose as it has been left upon a cliff hanger leaving everyone with dropped jaws. If the failing ABC makes a TV movie to tie up loose ends I would be amazed. So just chuck this one up to a lost cause I suppose.
    Peace out,
    The Shadow