Saturday, April 30, 2011


 So I watched Skyline on Blue-ray. Boy I am happy I didn't go to the movies for that one. The acting was good but the story lacked to say the least. The effects were good, but the idea of an incursion with little resistance on the planet is a little played out.
  I think every time I was suppose to be surprised by something I was two to three seconds ahead, thinking why could they not speed this up. How long can you watch them huddle in the penthouse trying not to look at what was going on outside. Hide in a basement at least a place with less windows (come on a sheet over the windows, not to hard.) I also find it hard to care about self indulgent rich people in trouble .
  The whole battery brain thing was funny and different . I also like that human weapons did some damage(missile launchers are good during any invasion) , even if the aliens could do a stupid rebuild(Necrons are an exception, only thing that makes them playable/winnable).

  All in all I feel it was only OK and rent it if you have seen all the new releases and need a b-movie. I would rather watch Tim Thomerson  in another trancers movie (OK who wouldn't)
  Let Me know what you think, am I being to hard? Remember if you like it defend it.   

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  1. I did not rent nor go see this on the theatre. From what I gathered from this movie I had as you said no interested in viewing the mental hystarics of yuppies during a invasion of Earth. The reviews were mixed enough for me to ignore this movie outright and from what you are saying a good thing I did. I would like to see Battle LA, this movie appeared to be much more promising as far as invasion movies go. It does seem as of late that the movie industry thinks we are a bunch of collectedd morons in the quality of movies they are making. It seems they think we are more interested in a great SFX movie then one with a real live story. Well heck a movie without a reliable story is like a human without a heartbeat... dead. But alas I lament the loss of great storytelling. Perhaps we have seen the last of the great movies to come from Hollywood and they are played out. Who knows only time will tell...
    Peace out,
    The Shadow