Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nuirgle Blight Drone( Flying Shrimp)

   At Adepticon I got a second Blight Drone for the puss filled nurgle filth that rot my game table. The first drone has seen a good amount of battle. It has faired well, working like a  light cannon fast skimmer. The reaper auto cannon is good due to the twin linked re rolls it is needed as the bs 2 hitting on fives sucks. I average 1 hit so I can't complain to much. The reason for the second one is to get more time on the board as people shoot the heaven out of the one. So I drop the obliterators add the second drone(looks cooler) to give the chance of a fast hitting shock I so desperately need. This should make the fiends razor spam more reactive. I also think it will help against Mr. Mom's Space Wolfs.
   If you have any ideas please post.

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  1. That would go great with flying lemon and flying cocktail sauce.