Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adepticon Madness

   So I am working ovetime tomorrow with a quick return to cover the con. First the hotel room $380 or so, $40 ticket (1, girlfriend not getting one), Gas (prices are to high to guess), Food (Fuddruckers, Giordonos Pizza, Harry Carry's (Steak Good), Bona Beef, there are so many I can't write them all). and the elephant in the room Forgeworld(on hand no wait, oooohhhh the drool is slipping from my mouth).
    I hope to get a few games in with the fiend as he plans on going. I am setting up to add a 6th bike to my nurgle army and a rhino (green stuff all over it).

 I hope to film the con to post. It is off to painting I go.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Death Company Comeith

    My first 40k army was a Blood Angel army. I played it for years, but I have left it on the shelf for at least 10 years. Partly because the fiend started playing them and I didn't want to spam the other players, as it was and is a small group. It gets boring rotating through the same old fluff.  I personally have 7+ armies for that reason.
  But, I feel I should give love back to the first men I ever fielded as I have been heavy on imperial fliers and tanks. Please don't get me started on my nurgle army (Forgeworld , etc.) they were a hugh distractor. Khorne fell somewhere in there too. I need to focus.
  So I got to thinking and got on v-day from the girlfriend a new dreadnought and a stormraven (still in the box, ugh) I also got a  death company box set from the fiend as b-day gift. I picked up 2 boxes of sanguinary guard ( one squad is 90% done). I also got Seth( I think he will rock cheap and tough),  Sanguinator ( think he will be point sink but apoc games hum), and Dante ( sang guard as troops hence the 2 units). This should update the army well.
  I plan on adding a few Death company to the 5 metal ones, a thunder hammer and few others to bump up the squad to eight and of course my old terminator chaplain( might need to update the model but it is the first hq I bought). The dread is going blood talons as I have one with two blood fists.
  But again as  nerdy as I am, I am going to Adepticon  and Forgeworld is going to be there and (ha) I worked alot of  overtime I might buy a blight drone or some other new hotness.
   Sometimes I think drugs would be cheaper, but I remember the glue stuck to my fingers it gives me enough of a head ach, not to mention the fumes when using excelorator.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Super Clip

From youtube not sure if she thinks she has powers. I though she was spoke person for BP?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C2E2: Darleks and Dames

I went to the con for a day and that was enough.  The vendor show was small but had quality products. I had fun, but it was not a three day event. I went with my friends but we split up as soon as we got there. So much for quality time with friends. As we age we tend to go our separate ways to meet our own needs. Mine was to hang with friends as I am not a hugh comic book geek. I at least got to eat lunch with one of my friends the fiend (cant find a better nick name, still).
   The costumes from the cosplayers were cool. I have added a few pics. The fiend loved the  Harly pic.
    I liked Miss Marvel more (yes it is a lighting bolt, not a S.)  The pic did not do justice.
   The dalek was an ironside from the WWII Dr Who Episode.  That was a great suprise as I love the who. I lost a pic of the David Tennant look alike ( Damn the Master's time vortex image distorter).
  Where else can you get costumed women and Killer Robots.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pre c2e2 40k Game prep

The friends are preparing for the night before c2e2. Three of them are staying at my place. I got a new wireless printer set up, updated Army Builder(must have love it) and prepped stuffed shells(I cook good).
  The gang wants to play a 40k game, so I am loaning out my necerons to my friend Oz. He is getting back into the game after losing his mind to Hoards and Warmachine (Poor fool returns to the loving arms of GW wallet opens). My other fiend (ok Friend) is playing Blood Angels razor spam and death star his a major power gamer. I might hit nurgle or guard or maybe tzeench or Khorne possibilities are end less. 
   I hope the game will start a good weekend for c2e2.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

C2E2 Trip Prep/ Girlfiend Rules

     I am prepping for the trip to C2E2. As with all trips I take, I always want to schedule my time, so to get the most out of the trip. I am taking the train from Indiana to Chicago. My girlfriend is going and hopefully a few of my friends will go ( They try but money is always tight). 
      When I plan con trips, I start with transport (train Check), then tickets (Ordering tonight Check), Next planning departure time ( early due to train schedule), Food ( bottle water in backpack, snack ands such, Girlfriend packs, Love you) I have yet to find a place near the site to eat (Please post places if u know any.), finally what to wear (jeans and whatever shirt my girl throws at me).
   Now this is for a one day event but when I hit adepticon for 3 days, well the girlfriend needs the hot tub (love the tub, and the 80's too) after running around mostly setting every thing up. Don't get me wrong I  pay for the hotel and tickets and do do some of the work but she really deserves most the credit. I hope to find her something shiny or at least walking dead related she loves the walking dead.
      I hope to have fun and hang with friends.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Convicts For the High Lord

     Penal Legion guard are a very over looked unit in a guard army. They are only 80 points and I must admit they may not be the best units but there is something about flavor.
 Some army choices are for meta gaming but this choice is for pure enjoyment.
  I used Catachan bits mixed with Cadians and Marauder's hand axe bits. I painted 9 orange  and one blue. Next thing I knew I had a group of psychos wanting to gain their freedom through throwing themselves in the storm of combat.
   But for some reason I keep rolling the gunslinger (assault 2, 24 inch range, lasguns). This is not bad but str 3 against Marines is not great, being able to assault helps.
   This aside the unit being stubborn really delayed the enemy. The unit is overlooked quite a bit due to it not having heavy weapons. Sometimes I get the rending ability and they become better in combat, but not by  much. Again the point cost is low and they are troops so they can hold objectives. 
   I think if I field two units I might fair better.
    The biggest factor is the wild card I myself do no know the plan of attack. This makes it more interesting as how can u counter an army you faced before that keeps changing. Plus if they die there are always more convicts wanting redemption.
   Only the High Lords  can forgive the heritic, killer, and the damned.

He who is without a name

 I have had a Titan for awhile.  I enjoyed painting the Titan and asembly was easy as it is a Armourcast verision. I have not yet to name him as he has not earned a name in battle. It is not that he dosen't fight well, it is that he has not had a worthy opponent.  This is by no fault of my opponents it is because the Titan is hard to handle and my group of friends do not have many larger models.
  So I have held using him unless the group shows no concern as to having to face him. I admit I would have concerns to face him myself. But I have faced many in battle and won and lost with pride. But a titan without a name is like a gladiator with out an arena. Looks good to have but is worthless in reality. He needs to show worth or be cast down to the halls of Evil-bay. 

Negs Burger Bowl off

This is not Sci Fi but it is funny.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

C2E2 and Geek Grease

    I am going to C2E2 for the first time. My close friend told me about it. I am not much into autographs, but I miss spending time with friends. I hope to have plenty of info to post from this trip. I worked OT to cover the trip.
  I am a t-shirt lover so I plan to buy a few. I hope to find a new firefly shirt. I can't wait to run through the vendor hall and pick up odds and ends. 

   Every thing I have seen on the net shows C2E2 to be a lesser con then Chicago Comic con in August.  But lesser cons have smaller crowds most times, so that is a plus especially when you have to smell geek grease or nerd stink.
 Gen Con has the the biggest geek grease you have smelled. It is understandable some people drive many hours in a car stuff full of as many like minded people as can fit. Then they crowd into the halls and play games late into the night. Afterwards they sleep on floors in hotel rooms to save money. They wake up later then expected, with 4-5 guys trying to trying to hit the showers in time to make the hall it never works. Also how muck clothes can u pack in an Escort full of Gamer?  Dice and books or deoderant and clothes??? 
  I speak from knowledge I drove the escort. We had 6 people in it and one guy smelled before got into the car for the three hour plus trip. All of us slept in one room (I got the bed, Ha ha luck of the gods). I at least bathed but even I got ripe. So beware the creeping death and and remember no matter how long ago it was, you most likely were down on your luck without much money and did what u had to to get to the Con!!!!

Visitors new vs old

   I think back to the time of a teenager in my scouts uniform waiting for Marc Singer (Beastmaster Love it) to ride on his horse and fire his energy gun in the sky at the visitor shuttle hope to save the world from oppression.
   Now I watch the abercrombie clones trying to fill the shoes of the SS like visitors of old. Don't get me wrong the show is not bad it is not meant to be a slam against the OK story line.
  I just wish they could have kept the feeling of a real every man Resistance. Like in the original series the story had grifter, gardener, waitress, and elderly saving the world.
    Now you have a Merc, FBI, Priest ( War Vet), Alien Hunter, and Princess.
 I loved the original because the old man next door could kick alien butt.  Hope I am not the only one.

The King is dead long live the King!!!!!!!

     This is the first post hopefully in many on Sci Fi movies, comics, Mini war games( mainly Warhammer 40k) and any other things that stirs my mind. To include my feelings on the future as a whole. Please enjoy and understand this is for fun and not everything should be taken seriously. I can use humour.