Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adepticon Madness

   So I am working ovetime tomorrow with a quick return to cover the con. First the hotel room $380 or so, $40 ticket (1, girlfriend not getting one), Gas (prices are to high to guess), Food (Fuddruckers, Giordonos Pizza, Harry Carry's (Steak Good), Bona Beef, there are so many I can't write them all). and the elephant in the room Forgeworld(on hand no wait, oooohhhh the drool is slipping from my mouth).
    I hope to get a few games in with the fiend as he plans on going. I am setting up to add a 6th bike to my nurgle army and a rhino (green stuff all over it).

 I hope to film the con to post. It is off to painting I go.

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