Tuesday, March 15, 2011

C2E2 Trip Prep/ Girlfiend Rules

     I am prepping for the trip to C2E2. As with all trips I take, I always want to schedule my time, so to get the most out of the trip. I am taking the train from Indiana to Chicago. My girlfriend is going and hopefully a few of my friends will go ( They try but money is always tight). 
      When I plan con trips, I start with transport (train Check), then tickets (Ordering tonight Check), Next planning departure time ( early due to train schedule), Food ( bottle water in backpack, snack ands such, Girlfriend packs, Love you) I have yet to find a place near the site to eat (Please post places if u know any.), finally what to wear (jeans and whatever shirt my girl throws at me).
   Now this is for a one day event but when I hit adepticon for 3 days, well the girlfriend needs the hot tub (love the tub, and the 80's too) after running around mostly setting every thing up. Don't get me wrong I  pay for the hotel and tickets and do do some of the work but she really deserves most the credit. I hope to find her something shiny or at least walking dead related she loves the walking dead.
      I hope to have fun and hang with friends.

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