Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plague Reaper Culling the Pure.

not mine only to show a reaper
 As I trolled through Evil Bay I found a baneblade on sale for $60. As I ready have a baneblade, I thought a plague reaper was in order. I have gotten mildly better at green stuff so it is time to go to the big leagues and get dug in. The stats for the reaper is not the best, cost is 450 points. You lose the auto cannon and main battle cannon. In exchange you get the pus cannon str7 ap 3 ( power armor killer) hellstorm template. Part of the reason I am building it is so I can try to out the huge flamer template. This will also get me a at least one super heavy for my all nurgle army. I try to get one apoc game in a year and the next one looks to be a nurgle infestation of an imperial world. The diseased will include no less then two blight drones, a plague hulk, two daemon princes, land raider, and the vile plague reaper. So let the pus fly.

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