Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gaming Fluff

 I play games with rich backgrounds. I thought if the fluff was bad then I would not enjoy the game. But then I got Malifaux and did not even buy the fluffy book. I decided to get the rules only book. I hope to get into the game before reading the fluff as to not fall in love with story and live with the game play. But to hold the game first and then get to know the story. It is not because I am afraid of the fluff. I bought my first crew on looks alone. I love 40k fluff and read tons of novels. Then I buy stuff to match groups in the books and get my but kicked because of the fiend and others playing the new hotness of the web min max crud. I then fall into the trap of building a competitive army losing the fluff I liked.
  I built a  31 man zombie unit for my nurgle army because of fluff, it took forever to build and paint. I wanted the army to have personality but they end up holding objectives so i have a Chance of winning. I would love to have them roaming around eating flesh.
 So this time get the crew and upgrade to whatever looks cool with good rules.
 Is fighting with fluff gone to the wind???

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