Saturday, October 15, 2011

Movie Review: Scream 4

     I am watching Scream 4 and thought, why don't I blog a review at the same time. Well they have  the remaining  cast returning with Dewey as the sheriff and still a bad shot with a pistol. Gale Weathers is still a bitch.
     So far the beginning sucked because they try to be to be cool with it. But it fell flat with only one cool twist. The murder scenes needed a little more power and scare. Sidney so far kick boxes the bad guy in the first match.  The infusion of the younger cast fell flat. The underage drunk party was called Stab- A-Thon. Right now I am guessing Multiple killers.  Well as I guessed cops on guard gets it the worst. Note to watchers being "gay" does not help as a reason not to be killed.  The movie played out like you would think. Ok rental

So you can remember the plot of the series.

So this is how scream one should have ended.

   What do think? Should I stop reviewing rental?

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  1. I must say that this movie continues to prove the fact that Wes Craven knows how to flog a dead horse. I was never a fan of this series to begin with and it just got worse as it went on. I think Wes should have stayed with Elm Street and left this alone in the dark with the other skeletons. The acting is subpar and the plot is predictable. I don't think I can think of a single saving grace about these movies... blah!!! The Shadow
    Oh and yeah keep reviewing.