Saturday, May 14, 2011

Priest: After Thoughts

  I caught the midnight showing of Priest. I must say the reviews were a little hard but not to off. The background scenes were a little long and useless(it wasted time.). The Dialogue needed tweaking and refining. The plot was not bad at all.

  I felt it was worth a see, unlike the reviewers. The western feel was a good twist. But the sheriff was to get the teen girls to watch(sad, they could have found someone better.). I will also point out that futuristic fighting monks have been done better by Christan Bale in Equilibrium ( Gun priests were much cooler, but no vamps.).
   The vamps were a light sensitive race that had been on the planet since the beginning of history. They used spit/vomit to build hives cities. After the wars the vamps were put on reservations,( American Indian tie in). 
   Black Hat the villain needed a little work also he had the making of a good antagonist but fell a little flat. His best scene was when he is dancing during the the destruction  of a town and they cut it way to short.  They did make him uber tough and left him viable for a sequel so that could rock with a little tweaking.
  I am going to rent it again, I hope that people will give it a rent.  

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