Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hades Breaching Drills

    So for my birthday I received two Hades Breaching Drills. They will fit nicely in my Imperial Guard army. They seem to be the mawloc of the guard.  When they deep strike onto the board  they drop a 5 inch template strengh 10 armour pen 1 (hotness from below). Then it can assault vehicles at str 10 melta. But it can only move 6 inches in the movement phase. It also can only tank shock troops. The gun is just a melta. The other cool factor is veterans jumping out the next turn with no chance for a mishap roll. If small terrain is in the way remove it. Need to take out a bunker, auto hits buildings in the assault.
    My plan is to field both of them with a Valkyrie and a Vendetta. I think,  I might  use Yarrick or a lord commissar and with a Vet squad x3 melta, vet squad  x3 plasma (to hold my objective), vet squad heavy flamer and flamer maybe a grenade launcher( maybe add Harker). Not sure with the rest of the army. I might add a tank or two. I would love input.

    If five guardsmen have to die to kill just one of the unclean, then the imperium will recruit 10 more to replace  them. Such is the way of purity: Lord General Garth  after the Zemo uprising.  

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