Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011

   I went to the local game store that hosted FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. I got at least twenty books free for the kids( OK a few of the adult content ones are for me.). The girls loved it and the oldest started reading at lunch. I think she finished 5 before I cut her off( That's great for a 7 year old). I love the idea of a store promoting reading by giving free swag to kids and patrons. I feel when a store gives this kind of support to their community, then you should show your support by shopping and send money their way. The shop owners pay to host these events. I do not know the cost but most shops in our area are run on a shoe string budget, so the investment in this type of promotion is a gamble on return. So I dropped 25+ on Green Stuff and Flock to give a little love.   
Hear is a shout out to:
 LIGHT SPEED  HOBBIES in Portage Indiana.

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