Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stargate Universe Over!?!?!

   Well it is over, and I am at a loss to give a good review. No one died as I had hoped. No one made it home( Not including  Col.Talferd a few shows back.). The final battle was lacking the punch needed to have people to even care to watch reruns. But, as I said in my earlier posts, they left room for a movie.
  The only thing I liked throughout the show was Eli. He was the constant that kept the show grounded. He is/was the most relatable person a geek could be. I will say I wish they would have had him use more geek quotes then he did in the series. I hate how they left him staring into space with doubts of him making it through(oh hook me to see how poor Eli makes out.).
   It looks that the Stargate saga as a whole has comes to an end. The community should mourn the loss of any long lasting franchise. Rest in Peace Universe and lets hope Eli makes it.

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