Thursday, December 22, 2011

It is a very Necron Christmas

     I got my presents early this  year. Of course the Necrons made a visit to my house. I got a cryptec to put in my rank and file warrior squad. I am not sure what upgrades to give him. My first thought is the voltac staff 4 12" shots with haywire and lightening filed with the warriors 10 plus strong will pack a good punch and defence. The Ghost Ark I got will allow the squad to stay at a good strengh.
    Next I got a Lychguard squad, so I plan on hyperphase swords and dispersion shields all around. I am not sure if they are worth it, but they look cool ( I love to field cool looking model, sometimes at the expense of winning the game.). The reflect shot to a unit 6 inches away it lame but maybe it will work once in a blue moon. I plan on using a Lord with a Warsycth to give a little extra punch and maybe  an orb to to make them last longer. I do not think these guys are built to destroy the enemy but more to hold the enemy at bay like a shield more then a sword.
   The next gift was a deathmark box set. The vedict is still out on them but them do look good. I a not sure but I might get some good use out of them in bigger games( as long as I get to use my Wriaths).
   Finally the the Annihilation Barge is going to play apart in the rise of  Tomb World.  It should give a good twenty four inch punch to anybody dumb enough to tread into the range of it. It also came with an overlord. Sweeetness.
   So I thank my girlfriend for enlarging the Necron Cause, I have told her that because she has gifted me that I would crush her as quickly as I can in the next game.

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