Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Adepticon on it's way........

So I plan on attending the con as I have the last few years. This year I plan on spending most of my cash on emperor's children preheresy. Just enough to get a legal army. Next year I will expand on the army will the cool stuff. I do have a kabuki Fulgrim, palatine blades, and kachophni squad painted. So this year it is troops and the rule book. That will pretty much tap me out. But the bases and bits will make me over spend.  Hope to see the judge and new new people. 
Sorry I have not been posting had a great loss in my life and have had to heal. I still not recovered and don't think I ever will but I have been surviving.

Hope to post more soon.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Podcast love

Sunday I made my first podcast. Is how I geek at Take a listen it is pretty good. We might do it as a regular gig.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Only war RPG play time

I have been running an only war group for a few months. The game was based around a Penal legion.  The group contained one commissar, medic, and three grunts. The game plays pretty well. The group seemed to like the scenarios. But everybody's schedule kept changing, so we had to break for a little over a month. I'm hoping to kick off  with the group again soon. They were about to blow up a fuel depot. If it falls through I was going to join a dark heresy group.

Michigan Grand Tournament 2013

Just made it in to the hotel a few minutes ago. Now psycho-squire is trying to finish painting his army.  I came to watch him see if he can win a few games. But at this rate he might not get the army completely assembled, let alone painted. He has less then 4 hours to complete. It is down to the last few quick paint strokes and glued limbs. I am not sure if he can pull this out his ass. I will try to update later. It bed time for me and glue sniffing for him.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dawn of the Ted

 I love this video clip. The bear death scenes rock. This should have been called The Walking Ted.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dora the Explorer Movie revise

I found this on the web. My favorite part is when she slaps map. What do you think?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Adepticon 2013 38 days and counting

   So, it is getting close to that time of the year. I am not sure what I plan on taking with me. There is a chance for a Nurgle vs Space puppies grudge match, with a old friend of mine {Dave the Destroyer}. But, I have made a good blood angle jump army. If he goes it will be his first year. So, I am inclined to take an army he would like to play against.
  I am not sure if psychosquire is coming with yet. He pops up close to the con and gives little notice. He is sneaky like that. He most likely will bring a eldar/dark eldar list. I have play against it and got destroyed by it. I played nurgle and his Harley/HQ unit is a beast.
  Perv goat may also show up, if his work schedule clears up. This would be his first time also. We may get a few Malifaux games in I hope to get a few more models painted by then. If I am lucky, I hope to get another 40k game against him. We have played a game last month and he beat me but it was very tight. We played at the Battle Bunker and everyone was commenting on his old minis (2nd edition). It was great to see all the players giving their respect.
  I wish my buddy Ozzy could go for at least a day. He is a big Warmahoard player. I think he would get a kick out of it. But he has a hard work schedule.
  Well, I guess we will see who goes as we get closer.